Piedmontese wine producers
for two generations

Visiting the cellars of the Langhe is an experience. Visiting Le Strette, an emotion.

Visiting the cellars of the Langhe means immersing yourself in the history of a territory that finds its ideal expression in the viticultural and enological tradition.

Le Strette, among the Piedmontese and Italian wineries, is a reality born in 1997 from the passion of the brothers Mauro and Savio Daniele inherited from mother Giuliana and father Giulio.

The mission is always the same: to enhance the native vines of the territory, producing wines with personality.

Our wines

The Barolo

Barolo DOCG is a wine that expresses the uniqueness and intensity of the Langhe territory. Nebbiolo is a grape that knows how to “read” the character of each vineyard. The Barolos de Le Strette are the synthesis of all this. Let’s discover them together

The Nas-cëtta

La Nas-cëtta of the Municipality of Novello: an oenological pearl, a unique white wine that honors the viticultural history of the homonymous Municipality of the “Bassa Langa”, in the Piedmont area, and the value of an indigenous grape variety that has almost disappeared until a few years ago.

The red wines of Langa

Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo: the purest tradition of Langa viticulture which is expressed in the classic denominations. Le Strette red wines stand alongside Barolo and Nas-cëtta for the complete expression of the territory.

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