Barolo matures in the perfect balance between modernity and tradition

The winery has seen gradual growth since 1997. Two phases, two precise moments, one single goal: to express the characteristics of the region through the grapes, achieving the perfect balance between taste and aroma, to produce an instantly recognisable wine rich in identity.


The Le Strette project began with the restoration of the old brick winery excavated directly into the characteristic tuff rock. Production began in 1997 and the new winery was completed after four years of construction.


The new winery, integrated and concealed by the hill into which it is built, is made up of four areas for each of the stages required to transform grapes into wine and to produce the final bottle, in a coming together of aesthetics and functionality where good organisation and cleanliness take top priority.

Although the different work areas are connected, they are nevertheless separate and suitably equipped for optimal functionality and efficiency. Optimal temperature and humidity conditions are assured as the winery's walls are in direct contact with the tuff rock of the hill.

In the steel tanks of the wine-making area, natural processes ensure that the grapes ferment and impart their unique essence in the wine, to further enhance the natural balance created in the vineyard. While the Nascetta of Novello and the Dolcetto are kept in steel tanks until ready for bottling, Barbera, Langhe Nebbiolo and the prized Barolo are aged in wooden barrels. In the bottling cellar, the bottles complete the ageing process before being labelled and made ready for sale.